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Alberto Nones has just been invited to present his research at the Sorbonne University. He will participate as Invited Specialist in October 2022 at the Congrès Doctoral International de Musique et Musicologie BJC

In recognition of his on-going charitable project with the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, Alberto Nones has been appointed "Honorary Visiting Teacher" at the ESNCM - Birzeit University. He is thankful and honored

After his acclaimed release of Chopin's Mazurkas, Alberto Nones is now working on a new recording project dedicated to the music of Chopin. Nones's last recital abroad was at Duszniki Zdroj in Poland, in a very special place where Chopin himself played 

A beautiful review of Alberto Nones's latest book, on baroque composer Francesco Antonio Bonporti, has appeared in De Musica XXIV (2). In the summer of 2021 RAI Trento broadcast for the second time a 2019 radio program by the author on this virtually unknown composer

Alberto Nones presented a Masterclass in Musical Interpretation in August 2021, with participation of pianists from Italy and abroad.  This opportunity will return in February 2022: more info at this link

A volume titled Classical music in a changing world: crisis and vital signs, co-edited by Alberto Nones together with American musicologist and composer Lawrence Kramer, has just come out with Vernon Press. It can be found at this link. Nones is now working on a new book on "Music and Narration"