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personal website of the pianist, music historian and philosopher, 

Professor of the History of Music at the "G. Rossini" Conservatory of Music of Pesaro


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Castelnuovo del Garda, December 2, 2018


I have just finished working on what will be my next two albums. You can preview here the cover of one of them, featuring the complete unpublished art songs of an Italian composer I have virtually rediscovered as a vocal chamber music composer. His name is Marco Anzoletti, and his music is truly wonderful. The CD, featuring the outstanding voice of Gabriella Costa, is coming out with Da Vinci Classics (we also plan to work on a musical edition of the scores), and all the songs will soon be available also on the digital platforms. Updates soon on the next project, also revolving around vocal chamber music with piano.

But talking of something a little more important, I promote two intiatives:

- the call to Stop the bloodshed of both Palestinian and Israeli children (and, possibly, not only children). To sign, go to;

- the "Stop Border Violence" European Citizens' Initiative to stop torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment at the borders of Europe (as much as these practices are prohibited inside the EU by Article 4 of our European Charter of Fundamental Rights... ). To sign, from any European country and any European language, click on, and follow the simple procedure. 

My latest albums, both released in 2022:

Chopin, Complete Fantasies, Alberto Nones (Convivium Records, 2022);

- Rachmaninov, Preludes / Silvestrov, Kitsch-Musik, Alberto Nones (Anima Records, France, 2022). The revenues go to Nawal Soufi, human rights activits who aids refugees from all wars.

Some occasions where to meet:

- 5-8 June 2023, JMP Annual Conference, Princeton, USA;

- 20 June 2023, Concert for Peace, Vila Loew-Beer, Brno, Czech Republic;

July-October 2023, Research work and recording sessions for my new discographic project; 

- 2 July - 24 September, RADIODUE h. 14:00-14:30 (radio broadcast in Trentino - Alto Adige, available also through streamind and podcast on Rai Play Sound), "Vite in Musica: La storia di Riccardo Zandonai", on Sundays, thirteen episodes of half an hour. This is the rebroadcast of a program of which I am the author and speaker, created and broadcast for the first time by the Trento branch of Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana in 2014;

- 6 August 2023, Concert for Peace, 20th Festival Internacional de Música de Mendigorría, Church of Saint Peter, Mendigorría, Spain;

- 16 September 2023, Concert at the 17ème Festival International de Musique de Hyères, Hyères, France;

- 23-24 September 2023, Masterclass of Musical Interpretation, AEMC;

- 23 October 2023, "Incidere, lasciare un segno", talk about the meaning and purpose of recording classical music, within the  “Professione: musicista!” series,  Chiostro of the Liceo Musicale-Coreutico Bonporti, Trento;

- May 2024 (TBA), Château de Champittet, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland;

- August 2024 (TBA), 20th Edition of the Festival di Musica Classica, Castiglione del Lago.

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My next Piano Masterclass will be in January 2024. More information on the website of the AEMC.

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Interviewed by Luigi Picardi for Radio Vaticana,

October 14, 2022, (broadcast 21/11/2022, listen)

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