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My next Masterclass will be in Montecassiano, Italy, in May 2023. More information on the website of the AEMC.

Two new discs in 2022:

Chopin, Complete Fantasies, Alberto Nones (Convivium Records, 2022);

- Rachmaninov, Preludes / Silvestrov, Kitsch-Musik, Alberto Nones (Anima Records, France, 2022). The revenues go to Nawal Soufi, human rights activits who aids refugees from all wars.

Some of the upcoming events:

- 14 April 2023, Concerto for Peace, Church of San Lorenzo at Vicchio di Rimaggio (Florence), Italy;

- 14 May 2023, Château de Champittet, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland;

- 27-28 May 2023, Masterclass, Montecassiano;

- 3 June 2023, Church of Santa Madre di Dio, Macerata, "Stelle Chiare" charity concert, with Nunzia Santodirocco;

- 5-8 June 2023, JMP Annual Conference, Princeton, USA;

- 20 June 2023, Concert for Peace, Vila Loew-Beer, Brno, Czech Republic;

- 24-25 June 2023, Keynote Performance and Conference Participation, 5th AEMC Conference on Music, Communication and Performance, Montecassiano, Italy;

July 2023, Research work and recording sessions; 

- 6 August 2023, Concert for Peace, 20th Festival Internacional de Música de Mendigorría, Church of Saint Peter, Mendigorría, Spain;

- 16 September 2023, "No-War Fantasy: music by Rachmaninov, Silvestrov and Chopin", 17ème Festival International de Musique de Hyères, Hyères, France.

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Interviewed by Luigi Picardi for Radio Vaticana,

October 14, 2022, (broadcast 21/11/2022, listen)

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