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A new disc by Alberto Nones with music by living Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov and Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov is forthcoming. Recorded on April 20 using internal resources (on his old August Foerster concert grand) with the precious collaboration of sound engineer Giordano Corsetti (picture) and piano technician Claudio Capponi, the disc is an initiative for Peace. Alberto's revenues from this recording will entirely go to Nawal Soufi, Italian-Moroccan human rights activits who aids refugees from all wars. The cover features a photo by Unsal Koslu. To support this project, you can simply download or stream the musical files. It's beautiful music, to which the recording setting (on a 1925 instrument) gives a different, old-time touch. This is the link where it can be found

The upcoming concerts of Alberto Nones, whenever possible, will feature the Rachmaninov-Silvestrov program, with an attempt to bring empathy and cultural dialogue back to the fore. After the first Concert for Peace at Porto Recanati on 18 April, these dates will follow:

- 29 May 2022, Concert for Peace at Navazzo di Gargnano - Villa Sostaga, with the participation of actor Mario Cagol;

- 13 June 2022, Turin, Concert for Peace at Circolo Artisti Eridano;

- 18 June 2022, Concert for Peace at Castello di Colloredo di Monte Albano;

- 20 July 2022, Chopin recital at Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux (France); 28 August 2022, Concert for Peace (Rachmaninov and Silvestrov) at Castiglione del Lago.

Alberto Nones will next play in Switzerland and give a speech at Sorbonne University.

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Montecassiano, late at night in a freezing San Marco church, but with the warmth of music and friendship