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- A review of Alberto Nones's latest book, on baroque composer Francesco Antonio Bonporti, has appeared on De Musica XXIV (2): you can find the book here. RAI Trento is now broadcasting for the second time a radio program on Bonporti in 13 episodes by the author

- Alberto Nones held a Masterclass in Musical Interpretation on August 29-31, 2021. More info

- Alberto Nones has given a Chopin recital at Castiglione del Lago on 24 August 2021 (a review); on 11 September 2021 he has performed in Poland at Duszniki Zdroj, in a concert hall where Chopin himself played 

- After Nones's acclaimed recording of Chopin's Mazurkas (Continuo Records, 2016), he is now  working on a new recording with Chopin's works 

- A volume co-edited by Lawrence Kramer and Alberto Nones, including a Preface and Postcript by the author, has just come out with Vernon Press. The book+CD has received an academic endorsement by Hamsa Al-Wadi Juris (Sibelius Academy). It can be found at this link